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The kitchen has long played an important role in home life. The kitchen serves not only as a place to prepare food but as a gathering place for family and friends. This phenomenon crosses many cultural and generational lines with the kitchen table as the central point. Not just a place to eat, the kitchen table is often used as work space or a comfortable spot to share time and even conduct business.

These days, the average home is built with an abundance of cabinet, closet, and counter space. In fact, many people make a purchase decision based in part on the amount of storage. Residential kitchens have more in the way of amenities and this includes built in cabinet and counter space. Not many of us remember a time when built in cabinets and counters were not part of the basic kitchen. The concept of using furniture pieces in the kitchen is literally as old as the hills.

Homes built around the turn of the twentieth century rarely had cabinets that were integrated into the construction. A modest home would have had kitchens that did not have counter space as we know it. The kitchen table served as a multipurpose piece of furniture. In addition to a place to share a meal, the kitchen table was used as a workspace and a place to gather. Storage space in the kitchen may have consisted of pie cases, breadboxes, dry sinks, sideboards, and cupboards.

With the growing popularity of kitchen islands, the use of butcher block as an all purpose work surface. An alternative to a stationary, permanent kitchen island, portable kitchen islands have caught on in a big way. Portable kitchen islands and kitchen carts add a degree of flexibility to any kitchen layout. The butcher block top can be used for so many kitchen tasks and still retain the good looks and character that only butcher block has.